12 June 2021

Barbecue in the garden

 After six months, I would have dinner in person with Jaco and Marjan again. The weather was good enough to have dinner in the garden! And we decided to go for barbecue, as that is that sort of food preparation that takes most advantage of the weather. So as there were all sorts of other things going on that day, I had been hurried and stressed when I was preparing it. But not too long after they arrived, all the stress faded away and I could just enjoy this occasion.

My friends eat meat and I still think, in spite of being a fairly strict vegetarian since lockdown (because if I eat meat, that tends to be because other people are cooking for me), that an entirely vegetarian barbecue was not really a barbecue. So we had meat! That was the first time in a fair while. My friends had brought hamburgers and I had brought some kebabs. And in addition to that we had halloumi, bell peppers, mushrooms with blue cheese, and of course things such as salad and bread. And it was lovely! It was sunny and the food was good and the drinks were too. And we had the surprise video call from Marjan's mother. It was a bit of a pity that the cat didn't come out to say hello.

After the barbecue I served tea and apple pie. It had been Jaco's birthday!

Not too long after the pie Marjan got cold and we decided to call it a day. And just before my friends left, the cat came down and they could make each others' acquaintance. The summer season has been opened!

Jaco in the garden

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