25 June 2021

Veg into the garden

I had sown another round of vegetables a while ago. I always keep trays with seeds, and pots with seedlings, in the conservatory, until I think the plants are big enough to survive outside. And I had loads of cavolo nero, kohlrabi and beetroot in the conservatory. It was time to plant it outside! So one weekend I donned my gardening gloves and set to work. And when I was done, everything was in place, and the vegetable beds were pretty much full. All the plants that are now still in the conservatory are supposed to stay there. These are my two tomato plants, and my collection of pumpkin-related plants. I could imagine that the tomatoes would be okay outside, but that is something I might try out next year. And the others are indoors because last year the slugs ate my entire harvest. This year they don't! So far I have only eaten one courgette, but the season is early, and there are several small courgettes actively engaged in growing. The pumpkin plant has already produced quite a number of mini pumpkins. So I hope that a bit later in the year, I can spend days if not weeks eating my own vegetables! But let's first keep my fingers crossed. Just that I've loads of beetroot and kohlrabi plants in the garden doesn't mean I am guaranteed a noteworthy crop…

kohlrabi in the pea bed

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