17 June 2021

Not being hospitable to wasps this year

 Two years ago I saw some wasps were building a ping-pong ball-sized nest in my garden shed. I thought "I'm sure we all can get along" and left it there. After all, it was only small! But it didn't stay small. After not too much time it was the size of a melon. And nothing ever went wrong; I was not stung, and neither was anybody else in my garden. But it was a little bit disconcerting! So when my neighbour alerted me to having seen wasps go into the shed again, I had a look. When I noticed they had indeed built a nest, and it was already the size of a tennis ball, I decided to take action. I was not being hospitable this time! I hope my sister will be able to visit later this season, and she won't be keen on a wasp nest in the garden. I'm sure they will have time to find another place to go. I have now already smashed it three times. I hope that at some point they get the message and go somewhere else!

The old nest left and the new one on the right

the wasps are not giving up!

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