09 June 2021

Long run after all that cycling

 I had spent two days in a row getting my exercise out of cycling; once to Menai Bridge and back, and once to Bangor and back. And the funny thing is that it felt insufficient! So on Saturday I wanted to go for a nice long run. And I decided to more or less run the route I had only walked once; basically, following the coastal path all the way to where it turns into the valley where Aber Falls are. There turn right and head back, over the crest of Crâs, and then Moel Wnion. The main difference was that back then, I had looped around Moel Wnion at a rather low level, and this time I intended to go straight over the top.

It was nice weather for it. Nice but not too warm! And not so sunny there were other people on the path. I happily told along the coast, and easily found the path heading uphill. There are two paths; the previous time I had taken the steep one, but this time I didn't want to. And it is such a beautiful area there!

I had intended to run over the top, but I when I saw that path and its run-friendliness (or lack thereof), and its alternative, I decided to take better path that curves around it. This was still a different path than the one I had done the previous time. I was going to hit new terrain! And it was lovely. Even without doing the top it was a long enough run! I might do the route over the top some other day. And only really close to the village I met other people. It was half term! I suppose everybody was on the top of Snowdon.

When I got back I had a shower, and then was hungry, so I had dinner. And then I was pretty much ready for bed! That's not where I went; I had stuff to do, but I felt quite rosy. I suppose that's a good thing!

Crâs in the distance

Sea views

 the waterfall seen from one of the tops of Crâs

running selfie

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