16 June 2021

Still proofreading

When my job was on the line and I had to think about potential other avenues, I thought about proofreading. And when I was off sick anyway, and could do little other than walking, running and reading, I started reading up on the subject. Later I also registered for an online proofreading course. And that was a slow road to travel down! Initially, I struggled with the fact that it was an online course. Proofreading and RSI don't naturally go together! And some of the course material I could just print out, mark up manually, and scan in again, but some really had to be done digitally. And Adobe Acrobat doesn't communicate well with Dragon!

Later the problem just became that term became busy. It is difficult to squeeze in things next to an already busy job! But I am making progress.

So how is it going so far? I still let things slip through. I had to change from USA symbols to UK ones as I had accidentally learned the former first. I have been complimented on my grammar and spelling, but criticised for my punctuation. I need to improve on that! But that takes time. Which is in short supply.

By now it is coming to the end of the allocated time. I have already got an extension! I need to finish the last two or three exercises fairly soon. So some sunny weekends are partly spent in my office, swotting away. I still think it is an excellent idea to have a plan B ready for when it is needed…

Study material

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