15 June 2021

Water meter pays off

I got my first overview of my water usage in the mail since having had my water meter installed. I was curious to see what the result was! And I now know I have been using 7 m³ of water in the past six months. Given how much I drink I think that is a fine result. And it is also clearly a lot less than they think I use. The Energy Saving Trust suggests a person uses 142 litres per day; that would be 26 m³ in six months. That is a heck of a lot more! And it already shows in the bill. Before the water meter, I paid £46.54 per month, but that changed to £18 as soon as the water meter was taken into use.  And as I haven't had a hot shower in weeks, I think at the moment my use is even lower. But I have contacted the plumber, so that issue should be resolved at some point. But I intend to keep my water usage low!

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