31 May 2021

Glorified picnic

Kate was in town! And it is starting to become a bit of a tradition to meet up and go for a walk. And we had a whole bank holiday weekend to choose from! And we settled on Saturday, although we couldn't start early. The other Kate is in the process of moving in with her, and that meant that some time needed to be dedicated to that. And two Kates in one house is asking for confusion, which I also pointed out to one of the Kates, and she said I could just call her by her second name Igraine. So for the clarity of this blog, I might do that! The Kate who is one of our PhD students stays Kate; the Kate with whom I went on a bike ride will now be Igraine.

Anyway; on Saturday morning, Igraine would bring over some kit to Kate's house. So I would show up at lunchtime and then we would do a modest walk. And when I arrived, both ladies were still there. So we had a coffee together! Then Igraine went home to pack, while Kate and I went a bit further up the valley. I wasn't feeling overly adventurous and it was already past 1 PM, so I wasn't up for a massive expedition. And Kate was okay with that! We would explore the ruins of the village associated with Rhiwbach mine. There are ruins on two levels, and I had only been to the upper ones. A nice little gem to explore on a lazy Saturday!

We drove to where the road ends, and walked up the path to the mine. This is also the path you use if you have been inside the mine and walk back out. I hadn't been in several years!

It was a nice relaxed walk to the mine, and then we had lunch among the ruins of the lower village. I had not been! It was quite nice. Then we walked up to the higher level. I had been there in various different types of company; I had had lunch in the mill with my father and stepmother, and I had explored a small level with my Cornish friends. This time we explored a bit further west and had a look at the lake there, and some more of the spoil heaps. It is a strange landscape!

When we had seen it all we went back. Among the spoil heaps Kate had suggested I just stay for dinner. She intended to make a pasta bake! And who can resist a pasta bake? And I couldn't accompany her in the kitchen, so she brought out the guidebook for the Slate Trail we intend the walk later this summer. I could read that outside while she cooked. I also popped to the shop to get drinks!

When dinner was almost ready we decided to put the garden table in the opening of the garage door. It was raining, but if we would be sitting there we will still be sufficiently outside. And from the garage door you still have that amazing view you get there. It was a lovely dinner!

After that I went home. I figured the cat would be wondering where I had been! And it had not been a spectacular day, but a good one after all! And we will get all the diehard hiking once we get to the Slate Trail…

Looking back on Cwm Penmachno from the mine

The lower village seen from the spoil heaps

one of the mill buildings in a state of disrepair

The sluice at the lake

another view on the lake

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