17 May 2021

Blogger causes trouble

 One morning I checked my personal mail. And to my surprise I had a barrage of emails from Blogger, which are clearly the hosts of my blog. They all mentioned that one of my blog posts had been removed because it had violated their malware and viruses policy. And that if I violated their policies more often, they would terminate the entire blog. What? Malware and viruses? I just write some text about my day-to-day life.

I decided to later go into the office, check these guidelines, find out if I could appeal, and such things. I have been blogging since 2007! That's 14 years of text and pictures they are threatening to throw down the drain. And if there is an easy way of breaking this whole thing up I don't know about it. So this did worry me.

Just before I was ready to go into the office I checked my email again. Another barrage of messages! This time they all said that the team had re-evaluated my posts, and that they had reinstated them because they had decided they weren't in breach of the regulations after all. It looked like this had all ended in a damp squib. Well, I'm not complaining about that it all got sorted! But I did have a bit of a nervous morning. I hope this will still last time that happens.

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