07 May 2021

Uncertain welcome week - again

Last year it was unclear until rather late in the game what we were and were not allowed to do in Welcome Week. And it looks like this year, that'll happen again. I suppose the uncertainty is less now, as the situation in the entire country has become a lot less severe. And in the Bangor area, vaccination is moving fast. I expect that all the staff have now had their first inoculation, and I think they have started on the students as well. And Welcome Week is not until mid to late September, so there is a lot of time to vaccinate loads more people. I imagine that the students, the Peer Guides and the general population will all be less nervous about Covid by then. So I suppose we will be able to do a lot more things than last year! Things such as Peer Guides knocking on the doors of their freshers to go and introduce themselves, and check if everything is okay. Last year, that couldn't happen. And we might be able to do the trip to the beach. And they can go to the pub! So I really hope it will be more like a "normal" year. But it's only May, and a lot can change in a few months. Watch this space! At least organisation has started…

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