02 May 2021

Tooth repaired - again

About 5 1/2 years ago, I had one of my lower incisors repaired. They crumble a bit! And a few weeks ago, I was eating a sandwich, and I was doing it a bit clumsily, and I felt another bit come off, this time from the other tooth. It looked like I had to go back and have some repair done on this other incisor! It wasn't a big piece that had come off, but I remembered how much better it felt when the left incisor had been repaired. And when I went to the dentist for my regular checkup (well, not so regular in pandemic times) he had a look. He said the earlier repair was already showing cracks itself, but that was more than five years ago, so I figured it had done a fair job. If I could have this tooth repaired, and that holding for more than five years, then I figured that was worth it. My teeth are becoming increasingly artificial, but I think it is still well within limits!

My teeth are all even again now, and not crumbly. It feels good. I hope that means I am indeed sorted for at least the coming six years…

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