27 May 2021

One person’s bad weather is another person’s fun

The newspapers are full of this May being an unusually wet one. And it is! We have had quite a number of washouts. And that is not overly inviting; go outside and you get soaked, and the beautiful hilly landscapes become hilly swamps. But with all the rain, the rivers are high. And then at least the river kayakers have fun! You can sort of wait for it; when it starts raining seriously, then you get these colourful flashes at the bottom of the garden. This time I managed the snap one through the bedroom window! They always look like they are having a whale of a time. And the good thing is, I am sure they also have a whale of a time when it is dry and sunny, but in different ways. It sounds like these river kayakers are quite clever people!

Notice the blue, green and red kayaker coming down the river sideways

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