04 May 2021

Teaching coming to an end

Once you have reached Easter, you have broken the back of the academic year! There tend to be only a few weeks of teaching after the Easter break, and then the exam period starts. We had three weeks between the two this year; in these weeks, we had lots of student presentations, and field trips, either real or virtual. I didn't have any more discussion sessions based on lectures. That had all been rounded off before!

A task that came up quite abruptly in that time was that we were asked to file our timetabling requests for the coming academic year. The interesting thing is that that request came before management had got around to thinking about who should teach what, when and how, but I suppose now it will be pragmatism that decides that. We'll have to make executive decisions on what to request.

When the last fieldtrip will have been rounded off, we have reached the marking period. I have a big, big pile of dissertations to mark. And there will be exam marking coming up soon. And by then the next academic year should be taking shape…

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