20 May 2021

More restrictions lifted

It is now legal to travel internationally! And to go to the pub, even indoors! I have done none of these things, nor do I have acute plans to. But it does feel like a big step. And I will soon do things I haven't done in a long time: I have booked a ticket for a film. I will write about that separately! And I politely have plans of having an indoor drink with friends at some point, but well, no hurry.

What about travel? Well, the only country I am keen to get to is the Netherlands, and you are not supposed to go there unless there is some sort of emergency. So I will have to wait a bit.

And what about the feeling of release? Well, it feels a bit like the calm before the storm. Everyone is worried about the Indian variant, and the media are already full of predictions of another spike, and of articles about universities keeping their teaching online. I was really hoping we could be doing face-to-face things again!

So what is the practical implication? Until I plant my bum on a seat in Neuadd Ogwen to see a film, nothing is really changing for me. But I did take down my Covid paraphernalia. I had a "thank you NHS" rainbow in the bedroom window, and thank you messages for the milkman in the mailman on the front door. But May the 17th seemed to be the moment to take them down. I am sure both men have been fully vaccinated, and probably feel quite comfortable going from door to door by now. I sure hope so! Maybe they have even booked holidays to Portugal or South Georgia or something…

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