10 May 2021

physiotherapist calls on backup

 The previous time I saw my physiotherapist I was a bit scared. I had been receiving therapy for months, and they still seem to be so little progress. Yes I could do hard work again, like what you are doing in the garden or when doing DIY, but any manipulation of a computer by hand or still a big issue. Was it ever going to get better?

Typically, a short time after that meeting I started to notice significant progress. And that made me really happy! There was hope after all. Maybe I would one day be back to what I was before the pandemic. Armwise, that this, anyway. Pandemics have more effects than just RSI.

The physiotherapist still a bit puzzled by my condition, though. And she had talked with a colleague who was an arm specialist. And she had booked me an appointment! To see both of them at the same time.

I got to the hospital and was called up. There the arm lady, called Haf, interrogated both of us regarding what the situation was and what the physiotherapist, Gabby, had already done. The physiotherapist had decided I had a tennis elbow, possibly in combination with golf elbow, but she wasn't sure. And now this arm lady had a bit of a prod herself. She figured I was sore where my arm muscles were attached to the bone. And she was wondering if maybe it was a nerve thing after all. It seemed like my symptoms were bit confusing and a bit in between the various possible ailments. But human bodies are not all the same.

We had a bit of discussion. If it was muscle weakness issue I should continue my exercises. If it was nerve pinching problem, maybe I should stop them, as bigger muscles only means more pressure on the nerves. But I was convinced it was the exercises that had caused my improvement. I didn't want to give them up! So we reached an agreement; I would keep the exercises for strengthening the muscles for pulling your hand up or down, and stop those that strengthen the muscles that rotate your forearm.

After that the arm lady went on her way, and the physiotherapist took me to a different cubicle to do some nerve stretching. She wanted to check if there was something wrong there! And it seemed that my radial nerve was a bit tight. Maybe that was part of the problem? She gave me an exercise to stretch it a bit.

In two weeks I will speak with her again. We will see if the changing exercise regime will have helped! But I think the problem with my arms I have is a bit difficult to diagnose. At least I am making progress. Even if they don't really know what's going on!

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