28 May 2021

First dog walk of the year

When my cat moved in with me, her owners moved a fair distance south-east. That was the whole reason she needed a new home. But I was quite curious what sort of place my friends were ending up in. And now I was finally going to find out, some three months later.

It was pretty much a one-hour drive over one and the same road. So the navigation was easy! And the plan was that I would first walk the dog with my friend Guy, while his wife Kate would look after the other dog, who was in season and wasn't let out. And so it happened!

We walked the dog in the rain. It was that kind of period! And it didn't matter. He showed me around the fields in the vicinity of their new place. They even had bison! It was good to catch up again. I think the last time I saw him was when he brought me the cat.

When we were done walking the dog we went to have lunch all together. It was really good! I had seen Guy on several occasions, as he had had lots of things to do in the vicinity. I hadn't seen Kate for so long I had started to wonder if she was a figment of my imagination! But she clearly wasn't. That was good! And you still cannot take social interaction for granted. And I hope that in the not-too-distant future they will be able to up around my place and visit the cat. I hope they will be satisfied with her new setup! 

Guy and Pi in a soggy field

If you view this picture in fullscreen you will see the bison!

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