21 April 2021

Failing to get the extension repaired

When I bought the house, the extension was already in need of some repair. Some of the wood was very rotten, and the paint was flaking off like it was going out of fashion. And I had asked the bloke who had sorted out my plastering, and the roof of my garage, to sort this too. He may have been a plasterer himself, but he clearly also could do project management, and subcontract roofers and whatnot. But he had stood me up on this job. Multiple times!

With the peak of the pandemic hopefully over, and spring having come with its warmer and drier weather, I thought it was a good idea to give it another go. I would just try to get someone else to do it. And I saw two vans driving around, with lettering on them that suggested the owners of the vans did exactly this kind of work, so I looked them up and gave them a ring. Both came to have a look. One got the job.

He was supposed to come one Friday. And he didn't! He then said he could come on Saturday. But he didn't. I phoned him. And phoned him. And phoned him. Nothing! And I was really grumpy, as it was a beautiful day, and I had been contacted by two friends about meeting up. I had said that I was not available on the Saturday. We have only been allowed to see people for such a short time! So keeping my Saturday free for a bloke who didn't show up was rather frustrating. But getting angry doesn't help, so instead I went to the local builder's merchant and bought some ingredients for some DIY. If I can't get anybody else to do things, at least I can do things myself. I can't do the repairs of the wood, but I can make a start on repainting the outside! And I have plans for the water butt as well.

I might have to go and scout out tradesmen again. Will this work ever be done?

The brown-painted wood and the horizontal stuff underneath are where a problem is

The state of the wood

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