30 April 2021

Territorial wars

I knew my garden was frequented by cats, even before I had one myself. So I figured it might be the stage for some territorial wars when I added a cat to this ensemble. I especially assumed the cat that lives at number 14, with the lady who runs the local chippy, could prove a challenge. And I was right.

That cat (I don't know her name) is also a tabby with white feet and a white belly. And I noticed she would still be brazenly stalking around the garden after Mevrouw Moor had taken up domicile in my house. Sometimes I would see her in the corner of my eye, assume it was my cat, and greet her, before realising it wasn't my cat at all.

The first time I realised there was indeed some sort of war going on was when it was dark outside, and I heard cats scream. Soon afterwards the cat came in through the catflap. She was coughing; I think she had screamed herself hoarse. I could only assume who her adversary had been. But later I have caught them at it. I once heard screaming, saw the both of them, and saw my cat scamper indoors. Not so difficult to see who had the upper hand there.

When I took the pictures below, I think we both saw the cat of number 14 through the glass. I grabbed my camera while Mevrouw Moor started hissing in the direction of the glass. So brave! The other cat growled back. But she wasn't going anywhere.

Mevrouw Moor made herself comfortable and did a bit more hissing. She started out hissing through the glass of the door, but later switched to hissing through the catflap. I think she knows very well it is a chip-activated specimen, and the other cat can't come in. So she was safe. But she looked on while the other cat marked her territory. That must have been difficult to see! But if you won't defend your territory, that's what you get. My cat is a lot more athletic than the other one, but I think the other one is much more ruthless. I'm not sure I would dare take that one on if I were her. And I got some funny pictures out of it. I think that territory won't be hers anytime soon…

Intruder spotted!

Bravely hissing through the catflap at a not very impressed adversary

 Stare-down contest

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