23 April 2021

Arenig Fawr

 I had spent the Saturday waiting for workmen who didn't show up. That had been frustrating! It had been a beautiful day, and we have only been allowed to see people socially for a short while, and it felt really wrong to waste a beautiful day like that. But luckily, Kate was available for the first part of the day on Sunday as well, so I still got a lovely walk in good company in. As she had to go elsewhere afterwards, I suggested we stay in her area. For me there is still a lot to explore there! She had suggested three options that were all new to me, and I chose Arenig Fawr. 

As I drove through her village to get there, we ended up driving in convoy. And we found the starting point.

We booted up and set off. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day again! And I really needed that walk.
We started with lovely views on an abandoned quarry, and did some bushwhacking towards the top. The top turned out to be really pretty! It looked a bit moon-like. We had lunch at the top.
On the way down to a bit of a roundabout way, around the reservoir there. It was a lovely walk! I really appreciated her idea.

We were back at the cars at 1 PM. Early enough for her to go where she needed to go! And late enough for me to feel like I had had a proper day out. And I added a small bonus: I decided to stop for another sandwich in the completely empty landscape just south of Penmachno. I had driven through that many times, and every time I am amazed by the sheer amounts of nothing you see there. So now I wanted to finish my last flask of water and my last sandwich looking at it at leisure. A very successful day altogether!
Remnants of a bridge

Lovely quarry

Kate in front of the summit

The moon-like landscape

The view roughly south from the top

 the way down

The completely empty landscape just south of Penmachno

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