16 April 2021

Upper garden getting tidier and tidier

 Since I started attacking the jungle in my upper garden, I have been spending the odd half-hour making more progress. The first thing I did was take some ivy from the lower garden and planted in the little raised bed underneath the fence. I hope it will grow up and cover the fence! I also sowed some wildflowers in the same bed. I assume Ivy is so tough it won't be smothered by other vegetation.

Since then I have taken the weeds out of the central raised bed, I planted several plants in there, I've sown flowers around them (but as it is also a cat loo I have my doubts whether many will come up), I have removed leaf litter, soil and weeds from the little path that runs behind the raised bed, I moved my bay tree and my rhododendron around, I added some plants in pots, and I uncovered the paved corner. I'm not sure why that is there; there is an area covered in big slabs of slate, with on top of that a smaller rectangle of concrete. I could imagine the concrete is meant as the foundation for a little shed. I prefer having my shed downstairs, though. And maybe the slate was just a nice base for the concrete. Or maybe it was an old paved section meant for garden furniture. I prefer that downstairs too!

I also planted lots of ground-covering plants underneath the rosemary. I hope they can thrive in that shaded spot! I also added some grass seed to the part of the lawn that had been overgrown by plants I had since removed. It's looking fundamentally different now! And as it is, it looks a bit dull, but I suppose that if some of my flowers come up, that will liven things up a bit. And I might get a few more pots. And maybe I'll just get used to it a bit more. It was so recent this was all still a jungle! But I'm sure in the end it will look lovely.

If I have done the garden downstairs and the one upstairs, does that mean I will be done? Well, no; there is also a little patch on the side of the house, by the kitchen door. I should make that look good as well! But first things first. Let's get this upper garden thing sorted!

The paved section in the corner

The state of the garden now

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