09 April 2021

More physiotherapy

The day came I would see my current physiotherapist! The previous one had vanished into the Covid ward right after having seen me. This one I had had on the phone twice. But now I would see her! I looked forward to that. I do think there is added value in a physiotherapist actually seeing you and being able to physically check things.

She asked me to resist her trying to push my hand up, down, and sideways. Nothing hurt! I wasn't surprised, as heavy work doesn't hurt me anymore. It is only the computer that does that. I have been pulling big things out of the garden, and lugging heavy things around, and sawing through trunks and it's all good. But when I improved to such an extent that I wasn't in constant pain any more and I started using the mouse to get my cursor in position. It can be a right pain to do that by voice. And it's so tempting to let your hands help a bit! But soon I did it too much and ended up in 24 hour pain again. I had to physically remove my mouse to remove the temptation. And that helped! I was soon back to no pain whatsoever. And it is good that clearly, I have no problems as long as I work my computer by voice, but it is not so good that I clearly am barely making progress in ever being able to go back to using my mouse and graphic tablet.

The physiotherapist was a bit surprised about that. It seems that it is more common to either struggle with both types of doing things with your hands, or with neither. Just the fine motoric skills being a problem seems to be odd! But she did think I would recover altogether. That is a relief! But it could be a while.

She checked my back too, as she wasn't sure there might be a hidden problem in my back, neck and/or shoulders. But she thought all was well there.

She just gave me an additional exercise and sent me on my way. I will see her again towards the end of the month. I hope things will have improved by then! This is dragging on…

The new exercise

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