17 April 2021

Dutch cheese

I like Dutch cheese. I used to always bring a fair amount back when I would travel to the Netherlands. But life has changed! Firstly; international travel is illegal at the moment, so in the past 16 months I have only been once. And then a few months ago, Brexit came into force. And now you can't bring animal products into the country from the EU any more. So I won't be able to pick up that habit again once international travel is okay again.

I decided I liked Dutch cheese so much I was willing to have it sent to my house. I had been thinking about that for a while already, but it never ended up at the top of my to-do list. Until the Easter break! And I ordered some. And a few days later it arrived. So I am well-stocked again! I look forward to trying all three pieces I have ordered. One is well-matured, one is farmer's cheese and one is cheese with holes. I'm sure they're all amazing!

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