24 April 2021

Extension repaired after all!

 On Saturday, I was frustrated that the men who should repair my extension hadn't shown up, and hadn't answered their phone. I had phoned 16 times. I was wilfully ignored! But then, on Monday, I suddenly got a text again. They could come the next day! And I thought they had been rude, but what I really want is my extension repaired, so if they were still on it, then so was I. I said okay.

They arrived too late, but then they set to work. I couldn't see what they were doing, as I had to teach. But I could hear them hammering away in the background. And then I was done teaching I came to have a look. And they were almost done! And it looked fine!

I had discussed with them whether they would use wood or plastic, and even though I really like wood and really don't like plastic, I had already started painting the extension. And I knew it was a devilish task to paint the upper planks. It was really not doable for me to maintain any wood any higher than that. So I opted for plastic! That would last a fair number of years, and would not need maintenance. And when it would eventually degrade anyway, I could just hire these men, or equivalents, and have the work redone. It doesn't seem to be too much work! So it came with delays and frustration, but now at least the top 20 cm or so of the extension is weatherproof again…

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