10 April 2021

Simple solution to music problem

I had been pondering for years what I would do with music. It used to be so easy; you would just have a stereo set that you used for listening to the radio or playing CDs. But then my CD player packed up. I put my DVD player in its place; these can play CDs as well. But the problem is that you can only program them if you have a screen attached to them. So you basically have to play your CDs from start to finish. That is a bit of a bummer! And I would have just bought another one, there is not for that MP3s became the go-to place for music. I had an iPod! And I had an iTunes library. And a Spotify account. I was all going with the flow. But I suppose you need to keep on top of the technology. The iPod became small, my iTunes library seems to have vanished, I couldn't get Spotify to work on either my work computer or the one at home. And at some point I tried to use a phone as an iPod, but that wasn't much of a success. So altogether I had drifted away from music. All my radios are tuned to radio 4, which is talk radio. I will sometimes listen to radio 6 if I don't like what is on radio 4. But I only rarely listen to music where it is me who decides what music that is. But that is a bit of a pity; I have lots of CDs and some of them are really good.

When I was in Bangor anyway I went to the big supermarket, and I was wandering around a bit. And then I saw they sold what they called boomboxes. Just radios with a CD player built in. Could be that simple? You can even plug something along the lines of an iPod or a phone in and play stuff from that. So I bought one. Now I have a simple and fairly small device in my living room on which I can play my CDs again. That will keep me ticking over until I properly arrive in this century! Sooner or later I think that'll happen, but I am not in a hurry…

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