07 April 2021

Continuing the social engagements

 With visits in gardens allowed again I thought I'd invite my friends on the hill! The previous time meeting up in a garden became legal they soon appeared for a down jacket-infused garden dinner. But this time Martin suggested I come up to theirs instead; his wife Fran had health issues that left her less mobile than otherwise. So I did! I had never been in their garden. I always show up in winter!

The weather was gorgeous, and as I expected, their view was amazing. So we had a lovely time drinking tea in the sun! And it was a complete bummer that Fran was not in the best of health, but that's just the way it is. I hope she gets better soon.

It was nice to see the interconnectivity of Ocean sciences in their garden too. Martin showed me the inside of his shed, which had vertical bike parking which he said was inspired on the bike rack in my office. And I saw he had some rhubarb growing; that was the rhubarb Suzie had given him when we had been socialising in her garden the previous year. I have some as well, and mine is doing great too! And he had also heard about Juan moving back into the area. They both have a thing for snazzy bikes, so I can imagine some two-wheeled socialising will take place soon. It looks a bit like a network is growing here in the greater Bethesda area!

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