29 April 2021

Sneak in another footpath

If you do your exercise on a bike, you don't necessarily have to stay on top of it. So in the weekend after a lot of scraping, sanding, and painting I decided to go for a bike ride, and then check out a few nearby public footpaths I hadn't tried yet, when I was using lockdown to familiarise myself with pretty much all of them. These are the sort you are not likely to do from my front door. And it was lovely weather. They weren't very long, but now I have seen them too. There are a few more in that direction, so I might do it more often. I find it is a nice way of scouting out the environment while getting my exercise and not spending too much time on it. I could imagine me becoming a bit more varied in my exercise in the slightly longer run. With a combination of biking and running. And maybe even sometimes a combination of both!

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