28 January 2021

Phone mishap

 I was so happy when I got my current phone! I couldn't get on with my Samsung. And I had gone back to a very old iPhone model, but that one was really ready for retirement. And now I had something I liked again! But I am not always sufficiently careful with technology. I had already bent this one. It still worked, though!

One day, however, I went for a run, and I knew there would be a lot of snow on the hills so I was wondering if I should take a camera. And I have been mainly using my phone for that purpose in the recent months. So I put my phone in my pocket. It is January; it is now almost by definition so cold I wear a jacket of some description on my runs, and these have pockets. I have been bringing my phone more often recently. But this time, and you guessed it, I forgot to zip up the pocket. So I was only 100 m from home or so, and the phone came bouncing out of the pocket. It fell right in front of my feet, face down! I couldn't avoid stepping on it. And glass doesn't like being stepped on when it is lying on asphalt. So the front was entirely shattered. Shit! My lovely phone! And I am not up for renewal until somewhere in autumn. I probably have to go back to the awful awful Samsung again. Although I am going to dig deep in my memory to see if I can remember the password of that very very old other iPhone! And I should Google if you can have them reset to factory settings if you can't remember the password. That is a bit dodgy; that is exactly what you would do with a stolen iPhone. But I'm sure there are more people like me who just go back to their old phone but assumed at the time they would remember the passcode. And they don't!

There are phone repair shops in Bangor. I should find out if they are open during lockdown! Does a phone count as essential? I could imagine they do, given that everybody is relying on technology to communicate with anyone, really. It would be nice if I could make this thing last until October, when it has done its job.

and if it cannot be repaired? Then I think I will keep using the shattered phone for most things. I mean, it still works! You can't see the screen very well, but if I really need to see something I can switch on my computer. That Samsung is a pain in the bum! And wish me luck with the passcode of the museum piece iPhone…

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