19 January 2021

Distant running Buddy

 When I am running, I feel like I am running in a perfectly normal way. You know, with your feet straight and your legs straight and all that. But I don't! I supinate like the clappers. I always wear my shoes out by just taking the sole off on the outside of my shoes. Especially on the right! My right foot supinates more than the left. I have no idea why. And it is not a problem for running, but it is a bit of a problem for the environment. By the time the whole protective outer sole has gone on the outside of my right shoe, the rest of the shoes are generally still perfectly fine. And that is a waste! Trainers are notoriously difficult to recycle. Or maybe I should just say impossible. I'm sure they either get incinerated or end up as landfill, and neither is a good idea.

I always buy my running shoes second hand; there are plenty of people who think something along the lines of "new year, new me", buy sporting equipment, and then find out they can't really be bothered to actually use it, and then sell it off again on eBay. And then I buy it! That's how I got my road bike as well.

When I select shoes to bid on, the one thing I always check is the state of the outside of the soles. If that's okay I'll buy them! And the last time I had a look I found a fairly cheap pair of shoes, that had quite a lot of wear, but just not where I produce it. The person who had been wearing these shoes seems to do all their propelling with their big toe! The soles were completely worn out in that location. But I never wear out that part of the sole. So it's okay! And I bought them.

I've been running on them a lot! And it's perfectly fine. I like this idea of one person wearing out one part of the sole, and then someone else coming in and wearing out the rest. And by the time two people have had their way I suppose it may be time to indeed bin them. Next time I'll try to find a pair like that again!

As good as new, as far as I am concerned!

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