30 January 2021

Lunch walk in the snow

On one grey Saturday, I had been wondering what I would do on the Sunday. That was going to be another grey day. But then I saw that the forecast for the Monday was amazing. So I decided I was just going to stay at home (except for my daily run) on the Sunday, and get some work done, so I would feel comfortable with escaping into the sun on Monday! And so I did. And on Monday I got my bag ready while it was still dark. And then they became light. And it was the greyest day ever! That was a disappointment. I went to the office after all.

It did slowly clear up a bit, though. And by the time it was lunchtime it was sunny! So I grabbed my bag after all and set off in the direction of Gyrn Wigau to have my lunch in the sun, looking out over snow! I like having lunch outside.

I managed to lose my glove on the way out and find it back on the way back, and I wasn't gone for very long, but I was glad I had made it into the sun. The next day it was going to be grey again! And the one after that, and the one after that… And I appreciate grey days too, but if you get one sunny day in goodness knows how many weeks, it's nice to enjoy it!

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