18 January 2021

New Welsh course started

 New Year, new Welsh class! The previous semester I had done a course about local history. I had done it before, and hoped that there just would be a lot of new material. And there was quite some, but also was quite some overlap. Additionally, this course was done through Skype, by a tutor wasn't overly confident with the software. So it was mainly him talking, and all of us participants in one big virtual room, and we were sometimes invited to give input, but I think we all felt a bit bad about saying too much. Only one person can talk at the same time!

This new course was about Wales, Welsh and the Welsh. This sounds a bit broad, but we'll see what he manages to cover. The first class was about dialects. The tutor (which I had not met before; that is unusual, as I have been stalking the Welsh learning community for years now) told us some things, made us do some exercises, asked us to listen to some sound fragments, and regularly sent us off into breakout groups. I really liked these breakout groups, as then you can finally discuss some things among yourselves. We were always in the same groups, and mine was three people big; that way you can get some words in. I enjoyed it!

I can't remember what the next session will be about, but we have a Team for this course and I have faith the tutor will upload documents beforehand. I like how this class makes the most of online learning! I think I made a good choice.

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