31 January 2021

Lockdown flour

 Since I bought my bread machine, I haven't bought bread. So I obviously was a bit nervous when the lockdown baking bonanza resulted in flour shortages. A closed pizzeria selling off their flour kept me ticking over for a bit, but I was glad when I could buy a big bag of wholemeal flour online. But then it was only me, having to use up all this flour! I gave it a good go, but I recently noticed the flower was getting clumpy, and now it has started smelling (and tasting) a bit off. So it is time to get rid of it! I didn't quite reach the end of it. I think I managed to eat about 90% of it, or maybe even a bit more! Not bad. I will spread what's left out in the garden; it's just grain, so organic carbon, so I suppose in a way it is fertiliser now. And then I'll try to buy my flour again in and if I can't, then there's the local shop who started selling a wider variety of flour once the initial shortage had abated, but people were still doing lots of home baking. So I'll be fine! And the big bag has got me through most of a year. Thank you, farmers and millers and retailers! Here's to more lockdown with freshly baked bread…

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