08 January 2021

Miscellaneous walks and runs

 I am still out everyday, generally for a run, but sometimes for a walk. I am not going to blog about every single occasion, but it having been the Christmas holiday I have been able to do some unusual routes! When I am back at work I will have to make do with adventures of limited duration. But the amount of time available combined with the beautifully wintry conditions here created some good photo opportunities. So I just thought I'd plonk some pictures here. So that others can enjoy them too!

picture from a walk a long time ago with Kate

After that walk I decided to drink some tea with a view on a slate quarry

The spoil heaps of said quarry

A lovely view uphill into Nant Ffrancon

A dramatic sky I ran underneath; this was the middle of the day! And I was on my road shoes but I didn't fall on my face...

Happy in the hail

The snowy Carneddau in the distance

On the last day before going back to work on January 4 I went into the snow! Headed for y Drosgl. These little dots are skiers!

Frosty rocks

 the snowy Valley I had been in on the last day of the year

The day coming to an end, and with that, the Christmas holidays

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