17 January 2021

Three household Gruble game

 I had had loads of fun with my sister playing a game of Gruble (I think it's called Scattergories in English) for New Year's Eve. And we thought we should do it again! And she had the brilliant idea to ask if my local friends Jaco and Marjan would want to join. And they did! So one drizzly Sunday evening we played again.

I suppose this is a very lockdown thing to do! If you can only see people on a screen, then it doesn't matter how far away everyone is. Why not have people in different time zones there! As long as you can find a time that suits all.

We first had a trial round as the Menai Bridge contingent hadn't played before. And we had to restrict ourselves to 2 languages. But that was okay! We had lots of fun. My sister won. And afterwards we chatted a bit more, but not too much, as it soon was bedtime for her.

I think we will do this more often! I suppose this lockdown is not going to end anytime soon. And why not have a game evening? And I like Scattergories!

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