29 January 2021

Work attire

 In the olden days, I would wear shoes at work. As you do! But things change. As everybody else, I have gone off shoes. I now wear shoes for my daily runs, for my occasional walks, and for going to the shop. And the occasional other errand I have, like popping to campus or to the blood bank. So all in all, on a typical day I only wear shoes for about an hour. And the rest of the time I'm in indoor footwear! And I quite like it. While the weather was still okay I was just pottering around on my crocs, but when the weather got colder I moved to the lovely slippers I had bought way back in Norway. In Norway, you don't wear shoes indoors. You just don't! And it can be cold there, in case that needs pointing out. They never got this amount of wear, not even in Norway. I had to repair the soles as they were wearing through! When spring hits I'll go back to crocs. And then the question is: when will I go back to shoes? When will I go back to the office? I don't think that'll happen this academic year. But I will be comfy in my WFH attire!

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