27 January 2021

Another wintry run

 On a cold Sunday I decided to do my standard off-road loop, hoping that the mud on it would have been frozen and I would be able to just happily skip along the top. It didn't work out that way! The mud was just mud all the way until close to the highest point of the run. Then suddenly I stepped into 10 cm thick layer of snow and hail. Which was lying on liquid mud! I had to be a careful; in places the snow had turned to ice. And it was difficult to predict which batch of snow would hold my weight and which would send me to step straight into the mud underneath. I didn't go very fast! But the views were worth it. And from the hills I could see one hailstorm after the other trundle through the valley. It was quite beautiful! And I came back to a centimetre of hail on my doorstep. So maybe not what I had had in mind, but a lovely run after all!

The old and small reservoir of the Bryn Hafod y Wern slate mine is reflecting the dramatic skies

In the distance a hailstorm passes

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