16 January 2021

Leftover marking

 In the New Year I went back to work! And rightly so; a new term of teaching was about to start. And that needs to be prepared! And that is a lot of work. And of course, we had to absorb the teaching of the colleagues who had left us. So there was lots of do! So, I got straight to work on that, didn't I? Well, no.

In autumn I had had a virtual fieldwork assignment. I had gone off sick not too long before its deadline. But it was my assignment! I had inherited it from James, so it wasn't really my idea, but I had always ran it and marked it pretty much on my own. I would have colleagues with me in the field, but otherwise it was just me. And nobody else in the school seemed confident the mark it. So even though the deadline had been mid-November, not a single report had been marked! And the students weren't clamouring for it, but well, they would have had reason for that. So I wanted to get that out of the way. But it is quite a job to mark it. And it is even worse now; everything is slower if you work your computer by voice. But well, it needed to be done! So I just sat down and started ploughing through the reports.

I really hope I can finish this soon, because immediately afterwards, the exams are coming in. And we have student essays to mark; for two modules. And as I said, I also have to prepare my teaching for when that starts immediately after the exams! I suppose I should stop blogging and get back to it…

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