13 January 2021

Two screens again

In October, I got me a new computer. I had used the old one with two screens. It is great that if, for instance, you are marking, you can have the student's submission on one screen, and an excel sheet with grades in on the other. Or, perhaps, have the student's submission open on one screen, and a downloaded version of the same document on another, so you can easily check the citations against the reference list. And then the excel sheet sharing the screen with one of these. Things like that! But the new computer didn't come with VGA ports, and it only had one HDMI port. And that was okay for connecting one screen, but I never managed to connect the other. I did buy VGA to DVI adapter, but I didn't manage to make that configuration work. And before I had managed to get help from our helpdesk, I signed off sick.

I managed with one screen while I was trying to get to grips with Dragon. But as soon as term started again, and the helpdesk was back in the office, I contacted them. One of the men did a remote login, and dug deep into my settings. But he couldn't manage it either! In the end he gave up and told me to come in with my old monitor and just trade it in for a different one. And that's what I did! They did make sure it had a DVI cable. And it turned out to be the same monitor as the other one, so now I have a beautiful symmetric setup.

When I plugged in the new monitor immediately came to life! That's how I like it. So now I can work again with my usual screen setup. It makes a big difference!


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