11 January 2021

Water meter

The neighbour mentioned to me one day that he had had a water meter fitted. He said that was just done for everyone who wanted one. If you have a water meter, then you only pay for the water you use, rather than for some estimated amount. I use a lot less, I think, than the average person. I don't shower very long or very often, I don't wash my car, I don't water the garden with drinking water, I don't flush the loo more often than necessary. So altogether I think I will save myself a lot of money if I have one installed. And once I have one, then maybe seeing how much I use will even inspire me to use even less.

It was a doddle to request one of those water meters. And very soon afterwards I was phoned by the organisation to make an appointment for the thing to be fitted. And they came to see where it should be installed. But then nothing happened for several months. But in early January, suddenly a Welsh water van appeared, and a lot of noise followed. 

A short while later there was a knock on the door. They were already done! The water meter was installed and ready. Some other people, probably surfacers, would show up within a few days to fill up the hole. And they did! And then all was sorted. I wonder what my first metered bill will be like…

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