09 April 2018

The ceiling, now in comfort

Three weeks before we had finally reconnected with the ceiling. I could see it and touch it, but I had to squeeze my head past a nasty slab to do so. That slab prevented our way on! And it was one of those difficult ones: too big to move, too thin to blow up. In such a slab you can't get a good drill hole in unless you can get to it sideways, but these things often face you with the slab side, not with the sides. It was a tricky one!

We managed to get some shallow holes in it, and blast it with cute short charges; that made it small enough to now get to the side and put bigger drill holes in it. It is a time-consuming affair but it paid off! After the second round it was in sch small bits I could chuck it down. The way on is free! And clogged with rather small rocks; it shouldn't be all too hard to clear these out. A successful night!

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