10 April 2018

Bethesda: a small world

Before I got the key to the house I asked everyone with current knowledge for tradespeople advice. And I got a lot of recommendations! I mainly relied on Phil. But the first person to appear was the joiner, who came with a recommendation from Rose, the previous owner. He had installed the kitchen back in the days!

I soon had a painter/decorator coming to have a look too. He was a recommendation from Phil. And he heard about my stove wishes, and recommended his son-in-law. He appeared when the joiner, Glynne, was in. They knew each other! And that turns out to be normal. Glynne also knew the painter/decorator. And probably the Phil-recommended electrician too.

I also called a chimney sweep. He just came from Google, but it turned out he knew the house; he had installed a chimney cowl many years ago. And he knew all the other tradespeople too. And recommended yet another stove person in case I didn't like the quote of the son-in-law of the painter/decorator.

It's not only the tradespeople who know each other, by the way; everyone knows Allan, my neighbour, and even Don, an oblique neighbour. But the biggest surprise was when I was faffing a bit outside, and some men came out of Neuadd Ogwen. One scampered up to me; it was Dilwyn from my first aid course in 2017! That was nice. He was the manager! And it all came together; I remembered him telling me about this place in Bethesda he worked for, and me never having heard of it but liking the sound of it. And looking up my own blog post about it I noticed another bloke was from Antur Waunfawr, to whom I intend to give my sofa bed, which doesn't fit through the living room door. And that's a one-off, but Neuadd Ogwen is here to stay. And now I had moved next door without putting two and two together! That's cool. It's nice to have nice neighbours, even if they don't actually live next door! And it's starting to look like Bethesda is an old-fashioned community where everybody knows everybody!

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