14 April 2018

Boxes gone

When the kitchen table was in its place the place starting looking like an inhiabited house. I also managed to get rid of all the boxes in the master bedroom I had used as a temporary storage. There are still boxes; my book cupboard is not up yet so all books are still in boxes, and the living room cupboard is in the  kitchen and I don't want to put all its stuff in it until it's in its final place. But it is starting to look snug! The rooms in use, that is. That means: upstairs bedroom, upstairs office, bathroom, conservatory, storage space, kitchen. The master bedroom, living room and landing are still largely empty! Awaiting, respectively: a new floor; a new ceiling, new fireplace and redecorated walls; and waxed floor, new fireplace and painted walls. But it's OK!

Kitchen - with table!

 Storage space (difficult to photograph)

Office (has curtains by now)


Corner of living room

Landing (with original Victorian floorboards!) 

Master bedroom; kept empty except for the breakfast bar which is indeed used as such


View from conservatory

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