26 April 2018

Above ground Thursday Night

It was one of those weeks in which I would not be digging but going to whatever venue was on offer with the Thursdaynighters. I saw on the forum that would be Rhosydd. David warned it would be a late night! I like Rhosydd but I don't like late nights. And I would fly to the Netherlands the next day. I didn't want to arrive knackered!

Then it looked like I wouldn't go at all. I had sofa issues! But thanks to David and Paul these got resolved, so I would be going anyway. But I would drive myself, so I was free to leave when I wanted!

When we gathered we had Phil. He was in it for his recent routine; join us for the walk up only, and then go home. I wondered if I should do the same.

We walked up. It had been such a hot sunny day elsewhere, but it was foggy in Cwmorthin. Luckily it's beautiful when foggy too!

David, Paul and Jason put on their underground outfits. I decided to indeed return with Phil! And I think it was the right choice. I don't know when the others came out, but I was home early enough to find out where I would park the next morning on the airport, phone my mum to say what time I would land, figure out where to gather for my dad's birthday, and start packing. Good! And the next Thursday my sister and her entire family would be around. Not sure if we would go underground then!

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