13 April 2018

First walk from front door

I had suggested a walk to Jeff, our sabbatical American. He was up for it! Circumstances led to me suggesting we do a coffee at my place first, so we did. And then we just walked from there! We pretty much went on where I had stopped when I had done a small walk from one of the first houses Iwent to see. It was beautiful! In no time you’re out of town, and in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It was great! We didn’t go very far but I loved it. This house is amazing! 

Photogenic horse along the way

Relict mining building

View back towards Bethesda

After the walk we ended up eating another Sunday roast, in Bangor this time. If you are hungry on a Sunday that’s what happens! But it was good! And Jeff even knew the answer to my kitchen table problem. So as soon as I was home after our meal I tried his trick and it worked! I have a kitchen table again! A nice bonus to an already very good day! 

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