05 September 2016

The purge continues

Good intentions don't always last. In July, I announced I wanted to purge my house of unnecessary stuff. I'm still at it! It's a lengthy process; one has to go though all cupboards and boxes and drawers, and decide what should go onto eBay, what to the charity shop, and what into the bin. If it goes onto eBay pictures have to be taken, descriptions written, and postage calculated. But it's now September and I'm still making progress! It feels very good. I hope to get rid of so much I could move into a one-bed house next time I move house! Two bedrooms for only me is a bit much. I recently had a fair number of guests but still, about 50 weeks of the year that second bedroom is unoccupied. Not necessary! And getting rid of stuff will make moving house a lot less awful as well!

One of the things that ended up at the charity shop: I hadn't skated since Norway!

Some stuff sold on eBay ready to be labelled and sent off

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