15 September 2016

Another visit to the Netherlands

I went to the Netherlands again. I did the usual thing: set up base camp at my mother's, and from there visit some other people. I didn't stay very long as when I booked it, I knew term would be imminent and I might not feel comfortable staying away long. But a short visit is nice too.

So what were the noteworthy things? I went for two nice long runs. I tripped over a tree root on one of the runs. I had a beer in the garden with my mother. It took me two hours to get from my mother to my sister thanks to some distracted person who drove a lorry into a railway viaduct and stopped all train traffic. I had pizza on the moors with my sister's family, in the setting sun. I spent the night in my niece's bunkbed (with her approval, of course). A discussion with my sister was fortuitously lengthened by misremembered train details. I had my chafed knee expertly cleaned by a lick-prone dog. I sauntered through downtown Hoorn with Monique, who doesn't go there as often as seems a good idea. We got mistaken for a lesbian couple (has to happen every time!). I got tucked in by my own mother twice.

It was a good visit! Should book the next one soon...

This is only half an hour runnign from my mother's house! 

Ending up at Baarn railway station due to the problems at Hilversum

The very Dutch view from the train

With Monique in beautiful Hoorn

Very Dutch view, also in Hoorn


Autumnal views in Bokkeduinen

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