15 September 2016

Evening of repair

It was one of those days. I tried to do my daily pull-ups, and the pull-up bar came apart. (It doesn't fit my door panes, so I had to take two bolts out and just tie the bits together so as to make it fit, but I hadn't used very strong rope, and now it snapped.) Then I packed my stuff to load up my car (it was climbing day); when I packed up my backpack the one strap partly ripped off. When I stepped outside into the windy day and opened the boot of the car to put the bag in, I saw some strange movement in th ecorner of my eye. Then a big panel flew off my car. It was the inside panel of the boot! It was on its way to the neighbour but I managed to grab it before it flew off for real. David and I had taken that panel off to see if we could fix the rear wndow wiper. We migth have lost a few of the clips that keep it into place! And now the wind had got behind it. Oh dear.

That evening I didn't climb. I found a stronger piece of rope and re-tied the pull-up bar. I stitched up the backpack. And I put the panel back as well as I could with the few clips I could find, and ordered a few more. They weren't the same but I couldn't find a perfect match. Sometimes life is like that: all needs maintenance at the same time!

 As good as new!

 Solid and colourful

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