29 August 2016

Matlab; ready for testing

I keep writing on this blog about my successes in MATLAB. And now I think all is well! The last time I mentioned I needed a script by Connor adapted, so the resulting graph looked better. And that's sorted (see below)! Yueng adapted it so the plot with only the modern samples looked good. Then I tried to adapt that script once again so it could plot both the modern and fossil samples. That didn't work so well. I'm struggling with that stuff! Then I asked for help again; Yueng came over, looked at my script, added one "end" and then it worked perfectly. Amazing! It meant I had managed to make the script read the larger file, and plot the two types of data with a different symbol with a different colour scheme, and had only missed one "end". I'm better at this than I thought! I was very impressed with myself. And grateful for Yueng's patience. I've now asked James to test out this new version. I hope that all goes smoothly!

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