09 August 2016

Family visit

My father and his wife love walking. North Wales is a great place for walking. I don't know how much longer I'll live here. So altogether, it made sense they'd come visit me. And they did!

They'll stay for a full week. The plan is to do a three day walk in the middle of that week. I hope we'll manage; three days require two nights of accommodation, and Snowdonia in the middle of summer is a rather fully booked place. We'll see! And the rest of the time we can do day trips. And sometimes it will be only them doing the day trip. I'm not so good at not going to work, maybe a full week is a bit much to keep the conversation going, and some of the places where they want to walk are a bit done and dusted for me. So I think we're managing to strike a nice balance. This is family summer!

A  cat who likes railways in Llanfairpwll

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