05 August 2016

Clean the house and the head

I am a creature of habits. I like having a standard morning run route; when I roll out of my bed in the morning I don't want to have to think about where I go. I've been eating the same breakfast every day for years, and every day I look forward to it. Things like that do not mean I'm stuck in a rut; my life just won't allow that, but within the greater storminess of life I like some habits that stay the same. And if they're very useful habits such as going for a run every second day or doing my arm- and core strength exercises every day, it's nice if they're part of the pattern and I and up pretty automatically doing them, rather than having to convince myself to do it every single time.

I got into the pattern now of evaluating my possessions. The start that was made with the vacuum cleaner has persisted! I now regularly plonk things on eBay, and bring them to the local charity shop if they don't sell. Clothes fairly often go to the roadside if at an opportune moment an opportune charity announces a collection them. And that's only been going for a short time (a lot less than the rule-of-thumb period of 66 days) but it's rather addictive, and I think it'll last.

Then I realised I had accidentally changed another habit. Or rather, lost one. I suppose refraining from doing things is as much a habit as doing them. I suddenly realised I hadn't watched any television for a fair while. I'm not sure how long. Only a few weeks I think! But it suits me. I think I'll keep that going. Clearly, the habit of checking whether anything interesting is on has died. And I have no way of being sure it'll last but I think it will, and I think that's alright. It's not all good; a few months ago I realised there had been a short series by my TV hero Dan Cruickshank, and I'd missed it. I like his programmes! But it's a modest sacrifice. I have stuff to do!

My TV, still having a central place in the cupboard, but for how much longer?

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