13 August 2016

Living alone

In November 1998 I moved into an apartment of my own. I had lived in student accommodation, with shared kitchen and bathroom, for a few years. I had lived alone for a few months before that, but from that autumn now 18 years ago I lived on my own without interruption. (I don't count things such as holidays and scientific cruises in this; that's not at home.) And I can tell!

I notice it too on the annual fieldwork in Laugharne; it's actually quite nice to share a (loose) household with lots of other staff members.  We live in some four different holiday cottages but have dinner together. That's not too confrontational, though, as you do your own thing all day and only share meals. But I do get cranky if either people get between me and the kettle in the morning (must have my coffee! Now!) or if dinner is served so late I can't go to bed at a reasonable time. Or if I wake up and want to go to the toilet but someone else is in there.

I might have had visitors at my place for an entire week before, but it's not a common occurrence. I can't remember the last time. I think it went well! But I could tell I am very used to getting up when I want to, going to bed when I want to, using the entire house, eating and drinking exactly what I want to, putting things where I want them, etc etc etc. If I ever want to share a household with somebody else I think I need a bit of a period of adaptation...

The whole couch is mine! And so is the rest of the house! 

Typical that while saying all that I also have to announce the next guest. On Thursday the previous ones left, and on Saturday I'll meet the next one. And not just any! But stay tuned for more on that! 

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