24 August 2016

No mud run

Mud runs sound fun! I think I'd love a combination of a race and an assault course. So when I drove east with James (for a meeting that didn't make it to the blog) and saw one announced on a banner beside the road, I memorized the information on th banner, and registered later. It's not cheap, these mud runs! It was £65. I suppose providing a lot of obstacles comes at a price. I figured it would be worth it!

In the week coming up to the race I suddenly received an email with the subject "Order REFUNDED for Land Runners UK - Pen Y Mynydd Mud Run Challenge - 2016"; what was that about? I checked; the refund had indeed taken place. But why? There was nothing on the website suggesting the race was cancelled, and I hadn't requested a refund. What was going on? I mailed the email address listed in the email for further information, but didn't hear anything back.

The race would be a fair distance away. I suppose I could go anyway in case this was all a mistake,  and explain the situation, but I didn't want to drive for nothing. It could be cancelled after all. And I didn't feel welcome anymore! I decided to forget the whole thing. I had had a lot of stuff going on the previous days so a calm Saturday would actually come in handy. So no mud run debut for me! Maybe some other time!

This didn't count as a mud run

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